Department Economics

Department At A Glance

The Vision of the department shall be to disseminate and advance knowledge, wisdom and understanding by teaching and research,development of national living standards.


1.   Advance learning and knowledge by teaching and research and by extension programs so as to enable a student to obtain advantages a world economic education.

2.   Provide the right kind of leadership in all walks of life.

3.  Promote in the students and teachers an awareness and understanding of the social needs of the country and prepare them for fulfilling such needs.

4.  Take appropriate measures for promoting inter-disciplinary studies  the departments.

5. Foster the composite culture of India and establish such departments as may be required for the study and development of the languages, arts,economy and culture of India.

Faculty Members

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1 डाॅ. जयनारायण पाण्डेय-EconomicsAsst Professor9300288768 View Profile
2 श्रीमती रजनी सारथी M.A. EconomicsEconomicsसहायक प्राध्यापक9926581923 View Profile